Zarina Harrison

     Zarina began her professional pursuits in Human Resources as a very young adult. Her earliest experience was initially as a volunteer and later as a part of a co-op curriculum opportunity for workplace experience at the Civilian Personnel Office at RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom. In 2000 following a final military tour, Zarina’s family would retire to the US.

     In 2006, despite the US economy in a downturn, Zarina continued working multiple part-time roles and started her academic journey. In the years to follow, Zarina was exposed firsthand to the challenges and experience of being a professional, a woman, and a minority in the middle-working class of America, starkly contrasting to her personal and professional experiences in the UK. At various points in time, these experiences conflicted with her individual values and convictions. It would later be realized that these experiences would shape and ultimately become the catalyst for the continued pursuit of her education, her work, and years of advocacy for more equitable opportunities, advancement, and the education of all people.

     Throughout her life, Zarina has committed and learned to successfully navigate and balance her many aspirations to her many roles from full-time working professional, foster parent, academic, and mother. Zarina holds two master’s degrees in HR and Leadership, graduating with honors from both programs.

     Today, Zarina is enrolled at Aspen University in an Ed.D. program in Leadership and Learning with a specialization in Organizational Leadership. She is regarded by her personal peers as compassionate, ambitious, and charismatic. By professional peers, Zarina is recognized as a top performer, inspiring, motivating, and most trusted among community partners and leaders. Zarina has much to be grateful for and is proud to call herself the Founder of three woman-owned and woman-led minority organizations, including the nonprofit Dunk4Dreams.